PR for People Monthly September 2017 - Page 14

Mayor Nicola Smith thinks it’s more important than ever for citizens to serve at a grass-roots level where they can create long-term positive results in their communities. As Mayor of Lynnwood, Washington since 2014, from the City’s Executive Department, Nicola Smith has coordinated and directed the overall administration of all City departments including Administrative Services, Community Development, Economic Development, Executive, Fire Department, Human Resources, Information Technology, Municipal Court, Parks and Recreation, Police Department and Public Works. As the administrative head of the City government, she is responsible for the overall management of all City functions and services by implementing City Council policies and directives, and by providing Intergovernmental coordination and City representation.

She is the Liaison between Council and staff and responsible for Budget preparation and implementation, regular and special reports, and the coordination of the activities of various departments. As a both a public servant and a leader, she provides the guidance and support for the development of effective programs, and provides the planning, evaluation, analysis, control, and general management of the programs.

She has streamlined fiscal and safety operations and implemented a sustainable long-term budget. The groundwork for the Lynnwood Light Rail and 1,000 affordable housing units in Lynnwood City Center is now a reality! For the first time in eight years, the city of Lynnwood has been given a clean financial bill of health. The City’s Municipal Bond status went from A+ to AA+ in 2014 for general bonds and 2015 for the utility bonds.

As a champion of diversity and inclusiveness, she has reset and refreshed existing commissions and forged new alliances with both local organizations and with Damyang, Lynnwood’s new sister city in Korea. The population of Lynnwood has increased tremendously. The influx of newcomers has brought a new dynamic to the city—they are younger, energetic and want to be engaged in the community. Mayor Nicola is prepared to meet the needs of our growing city by working to bringing together the right people who can create a sustainable plan for the future.

Mayor Nicola Smith has a Masters of Education from Western Washington University, a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Washington, and Certificates from FEMA, Emergency Operations training, Threat Assessment Team training, Safe Zone Facilitator, Ally Training, and Client Service Contracts from OFM, Dependable Strengths.

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