PR for People Monthly MAY 2017 - Page 6

From Texas Anna Faktorovich, Ph.D., founder of the Anaphora Literary Press, gives us an interesting and time consuming rendition of what is involved when an individual brings a lawsuit pro se—without retaining an attorney.

From Nebraska Kindra Foster goes fishing and obeys the law.

From Oregon The PR for People team had the opportunity to interview Pat Noonan and Ron Schiffman, who have worked in troubled hot spots around the world to help people build democratic nations.

From Seattle

Patricia Vaccarino launches Media Bitch. It’s been a long time coming and now more than ever this bitch is needed.

JoAnne Dyer, who covers Tribal news for The Connector, interviews Attorney Gabriel Galanda. His Huy program helps Native Americans find success post-incarceration.

Troy Hunter, a panelist with Pacific ADR Consulting, probes the essence of trust in the mediation process.

Gregg Bertram, founder and President of Pacific ADR Consulting, offers a helpful treatise of what factors to consider when choosing a mediator to resolve a dispute.

From Vermont We are pleased to have guest contributor Dillan DiGiovanni on board. He poses the question: Are the so-called “Bathroom Bills” good law.

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