PR for People Monthly MAY 2017 - Page 42

ownership, as it resides on their domain(s)? Are you aware that there are services that aggregate all this data, plus all available public data such as campaign contributions, birth, death, and divorce records, to create complete digital records on individuals?

What would happen to your digital assets if you become incapacitated, or upon your death? In the Digital Era, your Digital Assets become part of your estate. In my will I made provisions for my websites and how certain aspects of my digital presence and assets are to be dealt with.

In business there is value associated with websites or other online entities such as eCommerce, promotional or professional online presence. Authority and management of these must be accounted for in the event of being incapacitated or, worse, death. This is akin to having what insurance calls a “key man policy,” or what in business law is the stated path of succession.

I’ve been active on the Internet and the Web for 30+ years and used computers in business for 10 years prior to getting online. Over that period I’ve come to know many lawyers well versed in various aspects of digital law. I work closely in Personal Data, Internet Identity, Privacy and other initiatives, and have a major personal and professional interest in protecting the rights and sovereignty of the individual. Add to that marketing, sales and research work, and how those, too, integrate with online, digital issues. These are areas where I have developed a considerable body of knowledge through the years. Yet it seems we are still in the early days of Digital Law.

Exercise care; don’t just make assumptions based on matters outside the electronic arena.

The best strategy for managing one’s digital assets and considering one’s digital presence is to be aware, consult with an attorney well versed in the types of law described above, and to do an annual review of your digital asset management. And remember: your digital footprint is all but impossible to erase.

Dean Landsman is a NYC-based Digital Strategist who writes a monthly column for PR for People “The Connector.”