PR for People Monthly MAY 2017 - Page 40

When it comes to digital matters and the law, it can be a murky arena. The Internet and the World Wide Web are relatively new social and societal entities, and are thus still emerging and evolving as they relate to legal matters and legislation. And these matters cover a broad swath of issues.

The range of emerging fields, each with its own name, demonstrates the vastness of the arena. There is IT Law, aka Information Technology Law, which covers the digital dissemination of information and software, and in a broad sense, the legal aspects of information technology. Then there’s Cyberlaw, aka Internet Law, covering legal issues relating only to use of the Internet. Internet access, usage, freedom of expression on the net, privacy and personal data rights are covered in Internet Law or Cyberlaw. There is some overlap here with IP Law, aka Intellectual Property Law, a distinct specialty covering digital and cybernetic aspects of such property.

Then there’s Computer Law, further muddying the waters, as it covers internet law (which, as above, is a category unto itself), copyright and patent aspects of computer technology and software.

And this just scratches the surface.


by Dean Landsman