PR for People Monthly MAY 2017 - Page 38

in Cochran. I heard the car’s alarm go off, but did not connect the two. My brand new 2011 Toyota Corolla had “three deep scratch” (according to the police report) and dent on the bumper. Obviously, no culprits were caught and no charges were pressed despite this new vandalism happening in broad daylight and on the main street in the town, where there were numerous cars and pedestrians that must’ve heard the alarm go off.

Could a lawyer have helped me to win a bigger and fairer settlement from Jiffy Lube, or would a lawyer have guaranteed a complete failure? Regardless, if you were in my position, you probably wouldn’t have trusted a lawyer either. Considering the costs involved in proving and filing a case, only the upper class can afford filing civil lawsuits by any means other than pro se in the US. So, the rest of us should practice pro se litigation when there’s cause for it, so that we’ll be prepared to engage in it if an emergency makes it unavoidable.

Anna Faktorovich, Ph.D.: is the Founder, Director, Designer and Editor-in-Chief of the Anaphora Literary Press, which has published over 200 titles in non-fiction, fiction and poetry.

Damages to my car during the Hong Kong incident

Police Officer Investigating the May 17 vandalism of my car outside the Hong Kong Restaurant