PR for People Monthly MAY 2017 - Page 26

“Chuck Tauman has dedicated his legal career to bringing the tobacco companies to their knees. . .not really possible but he has extracted some pain from them. Below is a short bio from the webpage of Tobacco-Free Coalition of Oregon.  He also consults on legislation for the Oregon legislature.”   

Charles “Chuck” Tauman is a lawyer in Portland, Oregon who divides his practice between trial advocacy, non-profit work and political consulting/lobbying. A graduate of Stanford University and Lewis & Clark Law School in, Chuck has been a trial lawyer for 40 years. Since 1998, his law practice has concentrated almost exclusively on tobacco litigation.

Chuck Tauman was part of the trial team that won a multi-million dollar verdict in 1999 against Philip Morris in Williams v Philip Morris. After three trips to the US Supreme Court, that case ended successfully in 2009. In 2002, he represented the Estate of Michelle Schwarz against Philip Morris and won a second multi-million dollar verdict in the first successful case involving “light” cigarette fraud. The Schwarz case ended successfully in 2016 when the US Supreme Court denied review.

In addition, he is President of the Tobacco Trial Lawyers Association, a national group of some 60 lawyers specializing in tobacco litigation and is President of the Tobacco Free Coalition of Oregon (TOFCO), an anti-tobacco advocacy group that was instrumental in passing the 2007 Oregon Smokefree Workplace law.

A few weeks ago, we sent an email to our list, titled Know a Good Lawyer? We received some amazing responses and some terrible responses too. It was astonishing how many P.R. people couldn’t write three good sentences that answered the question: Why do you think your nominee is a good lawyer?

One reader said there was no such thing as a good lawyer! Without explanation, and without apology, some lawyers nominated themselves. Some lawyers didn’t have a link to their bios, and many failed to read the instructions! Imagine how they review complex contract negotiations. Ha!

We did get some good submissions and found that there are indeed lawyers out there who are making the world a good place to live! I hope you enjoy this round-up. Happy Law Day!

Know a

Good Lawyer


He also was a leader in the Oregon Fire Safety Coalition which lobbied successfully for passage of the 2007 Oregon Firesafe Cigarette law.

As President of TOFCO, Tauman is a member of the Tobacco Reduction Advisory Committee, advising the Oregon Health Authority’s Tobacco Prevention and Education Program on research, program and budget issues. He also served as a Commissioner on the Oregon Government Ethics Commission, charged with enforcing Oregon government ethics laws and in 2016 served as Chair of the Commission.

In 2016, he retired from private law practice and currently does pro bono legal work for the Oregon Crime Victims Law Center.

Submitted by Attorney Ron Schiffman