PR for People Monthly MAY 2017 - Page 20

1. What are the benefits of mediation?

Mediation brings extraordinary benefit to all parties in a dispute because it requires their active participation. When the parties have control over the process, the outcome is a more cathartic experience than if they had resorted to litigation and passively suffered due to the decisions made by lawyers, juries and judges. Mediation allows the parties involved to take ownership of the dispute. In the vast majority of cases, when the dispute is resolved through mediation, there is less harm done to the parties.

2. How is Pacific ADR Consulting different from other ADR businesses?

How we are different from other ADR panelists boils down to the quality of our panelists. We spend a lot of time evaluating and selecting our panelists. While the quality of our panelists’ experience and practice areas are important, one of the most notable qualities about our panelists is that they share a strong commitment to consistently resolve disputes through mediation.

3. When you are recruiting panelists, what qualities do you look for?

First and foremost, we seek panel members who are highly passionate about resolving a dispute. We also seek panelists who will candidly assess the merits of the case, its strengths and weaknesses and provide the parties with an independent objective evaluation, so they can make a more informed settlement decision.

4. Why should parties engage in ADR instead of litigation?

Aside from the parties having the advantage of a private mediation forum, as well as the benefit of saving time and money, mediations can be scheduled much sooner than trial or arbitration dates. If time is an important factor, then mediation offers a speedy resolution of conflict. With mediation, it is also possible to create remedies that are innovative and not available in litigation or arbitration. The preservation of a business or personal relationships has a better chance of succeeding through mediation than it would by engaging in litigation or arbitration.

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Attorney Gregg Bertram who is the founder and CEO of Pacific ADR Consulting, LLC. Now two years old, Pacific ADR is expanding its’ number of panelists. We asked Gregg Bertram a few questions about the nuts and bolts of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Gregg Bertram

True Neutral