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Ilya Moshenskiy, Patricia Vaccarino, Kindra Foster, JoAnne Dyer, Anna Faktorovich PhD, Gabe Galanda, Dean Landsman, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Pat Noonan and Ron Schiffman

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Gregg Bertram, Dillan DiGiovanni, JoAnne Dyer, Anna Faktorovich, Ph.D., Michael Kindra Foster, Roger Hillman, Troy Hunter, Chef Mary Beth Lawton Johnson, William Lulow, Dean Landsman, Barbara Lloyd McMichael, Patricia Vaccarino

Full Disclosure: Pacific ADR Consulting LLC is a client of Xanthus Communications LLC and a subscriber to PR for People. Panelists, left to right: Lori Bemis, Roger Hillman, Andy Kinstler, Paula McCandlis, Gregg Bertram, Kathy Cochran, John Wilson, Troy Hunter, and Case Manager, Pauline Sacré.

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