PR for People Monthly MAY 2017 - Page 19

“Assisting each party to think through and recognize the elements of risk in their case is important in every mediation. I emphasize the word "assisting" because the odds of a successful mediation increase when a party comes to understand, voice and own their risks rather than being browbeaten with them by the mediator. That said, a nimble mediator carries a number of tools and approaches to creatively work with the unique personalities and issues in each case.” – John Wilson

John Wilson is managing partner at Rush, Hannula, Harkins & Kyler, L.L.P., where he handles a wide range of civil litigation and personal injury cases, including complex professional negligence matters. He has litigated cases on both the plaintiff and defense side. He is regularly appointed by the court to serve as a settlement guardian ad litem in personal injury cases. He has successfully resolved cases for clients on both sides of the bar in hundreds of mediations and arbitrations, as well as serving as a neutral arbitrator and mediator in many more.

“A good mediator is substantively prepared, knows the case, understands the parties' positions, and continues to ask questions throughout the mediation. Through effective communication and managing emotions, she creates the right circumstances that allow the parties to resolve disputes and reconcile conflicts. She is persistent and will be committed to the process, especially when the parties appear to be at impasse.”

- Catherine Bergin Yalung

Catherine Bergin Yalung has practiced law for over 23 years, generally focusing on real estate matters. She has managed litigation in a 10-state region for a national underwriter, and has successfully settled hundreds of cases--many through mediation--involving complex real estate, creditor-debtor and contract disputes. Representative matters include title insurance, breach of warranty, boundary disputes, forgery, non-judicial foreclosure, bankruptcy, breach of contract and fraudulent conveyance. She is adept at formulating strategies to solve problems and achieve mutually-acceptable settlements.



Catherine Bergin Yalung