PR for People Monthly MAY 2017 - Page 17

“The most important characteristic of a good mediator is being a good listener.”

Roger Hillman

Roger Hillman began his career as a litigator on the East Coast. After over ten years as Senior Vice President of Claims for three national insurance carriers, he resumed his litigation practice in the Northwest. Over the past twenty-five years, Roger concentrated his practice on health care and insurance matters, while also handling commercial disputes. His insurance background gives him a unique perspective, enabling him to resolve complex coverage matters, both for insurers and insureds, often without the need for protracted litigation.

Through 18 years of litigating cases for plaintiffs and defendants, I realized I have an ability to deeply understand interests on all sides of a dispute and can facilitate mutual understanding of those positions so that commonality can be explored and resolution

of the dispute achieved.”

Troy Hunter

Troy Hunter began his mediation career at the University of Washington, where he worked to resolve small claims litigation and community disputes through UW’s Mediation Clinic.  In his 18 years as a civil trial attorney, he has litigated a diverse array of cases for both plaintiffs and defendants involving personal injury/wrongful death, sexual abuse/ misconduct and product liability. As a civil litigator, he has successfully negotiated the mutually satisfactory resolution of hundreds of cases.  He recently completed the internationally recognized mediator certification program at the Straus School for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University, School of Law, in Malibu, CA.