PR for People Monthly MAY 2017 - Page 16

“As an attorney, and former CEO of a multinational company, I know the value of resolving disputes at an early stage.  I am dedicated to achieving that result through value based (win-win) mediation which allows organizations and individuals to stay focused

on their true mission.”

- Steve Brown

Steve Brown is an accomplished business leader, lawyer and CPA, currently working as a neutral mediator/arbitrator while serving as an active board chairman for three startup companies. For many years Steve was the CEO of Troutlodge, the world’s largest producer of live trout eggs supplying seed stock to aquaculture firms in over sixty countries. Steve has mediated a variety of disputes, and successfully negotiated M&A, partnership and other significant transactions on five continents.

“Mediation is definitely preferable when emotional issues dominate, because both parties have more at stake than just saving the costs of litigation.”

– Kathy Cochran

Kathy Cochran has been an active trial lawyer since 1975, generally focusing on pharmaceutical, medical product, and medical malpractice litigation. She has participated as an advocate in numerous mediations, negotiating creative solutions and overcoming significant obstacles to dispute resolution. She has identified the important factors that influence a party’s willingness to settle and has developed techniques for overcoming negative factors that sometimes prevent resolution of complex claims. Kathy is also an accomplished arbitrator.