PR for People Monthly MARCH 2017 - Page 9

I’m only 57. I could have believed a forecast of cloudy-and-a-chance-of-stroke a decade into my future. But not THIS year. Not when I’m too young for Medicare. Not with a career peaking and lots of travel planned—FINALLY enjoying life my way.

The night of December 6th, I lay in bed after a quick trip to Los Angeles for a client Christmas party. Suddenly my head exploded with the biggest headache of my life. I rolled off the bed and fell to my knees. I saw golden ribbons floating from the ceiling.

My son responded to my call quickly, half-carried me to his car, and the hospital was only five minutes away. Is that why I survived this life-threatening stroke with only mild deficits?

They life-flighted me to Omaha and Clarkson hospital, where I had access to two of the nation’s six experts in subarachnoid hemorrhages (brain bleeds). I stayed for two weeks, much of that time with a tube hanging from a hole drilled in my skull.

From Nebraska

Subarachnoid Hemorrhagic Stroke of Luck Or

“How I Found the Silver Lining in a Cloud of Stroke”

by Kindra Foster