PR for People Monthly MARCH 2017 - Page 21

Trump’s divestment from these engagements is necessary for him to avoid foreign influences). The total profits are estimated here, but adding them up should give an accurate sum of Trump’s net worth, and it definitely does not look like it adds up to $10 billion. Trump is still paying off two mortgages on homes at 1094 S. Ocean Blvd. and 124 Woodbridge Road ($100,000-$500,000) that he took on back in 1993-4. Can you imagine not paying these off if you were a billionaire?

The last breathtaking piece of public information is the Trump Foundation 2015 tax filing made available by The Washington Post. The Foundation’s distributions were half the $1 million given away in 2010 by 2014 ($596,700), in contrast with $901,685 that was paid to keep it running. The donation to the American Conservative Union Foundation of $50,000 just as Trump was preparing to run on a conservative platform seems to be self-interested. $150,000 out of the amount awarded was a donation to the foundation by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation (Ukraine) in exchange for a pro-Ukraine conference call Trump made after becoming a candidate

Figure 6. Trump Foundation Report

State: New York Times