PR for People Monthly MARCH 2017 - Page 20

Another helpful source is the first three pages of Trump’s 1995 Income Tax report that The New York Times released back in October, which reports a $913.7 million adjusted gross income, an enormous problem when compared to his reported $3 million business income.

Yet another source with a flood of information is Trump’s Financial Disclosures form, signed on July 15, 2015, which was uploaded by CNBC onto Scribd. The first ten pages are taken up with the names of positions Trump holds outside of the US government, mostly as president/ chairman, including: Dubai Golf Manager (he reported making less than $201 from this position), India Venture, Barra Hotelaria (Brazil), Trump Korea (in which he owns 59%, and the rest seems to be owned by Daewoo American Development Corp, a shell corporation of Daewoo International, Korea’s largest trading company), China Technical Services (also no profits despite over $100,001 invested in shares) and Ireland Enterprises (to mention a few that prove that

Figure 5: 1995 Resident Income Tax Return: New York State: New York Times