PR for People Monthly MARCH 2017 - Page 12

We have entered the fourth week of the new administration. It would be a relief to report that the White House staff had become more organized and that the most problematic cabinet and staff appointments had resigned, but that will have to wait, I suspect, until even more mistakes have been made. The least stressful way to understand events since January 20th would be watch back episodes of “Saturday Night Live.”

We knew while he was campaigning that the president did understand that the Congress is made up of elected representatives. He was quick to tie those up for re-election to his own fate. Though he promised over and over to “drain the swam” and to “fix Washington” in his campaign, he has instead brought in a significant number of billionaires to his cabinet, and worked hard to keep Congressional Republicans in line to confirm cabinet nominees; and to support his seemingly unending executive orders. This has been accomplished in the most chaotic manner ever seen in the White House, which displays a complete lack of regard for the system of checks and balances from which the federal government works.

Yes, Virginia,

We Still Have Three Branches of Government

by Annie Searle