PR for People Monthly December 2014 - Page 9

Believing in serendipity has worked for Laura, as projects and resources have arrived, sometimes just in time, such as when her house sold for an unexpectedly high amount or being offered a cash-out on an old retirement account.

“Counseling and coaching can be good choices for career-switchers over 40,” Laura said, “because many people prefer guidance from people with more life experience.”

Her advice for others in transition? “It’s a cliché, but follow your heart,” she said. She urges people to trust that things work out as they’re meant to – again, a mindset that’s more spiritual than businesslike.

“It’s a belief, so it can’t be true or false. Why not choose to believe it?”

JoAnne Dyer is a freelance editor and writer. She's a senior writer at Nest Publications and has contributed to hyperlocal news in the Seattle area. Her editing clients include indie publishers, nonprofits, small businesses, and authors.

This profile is the first of a series of articles on career-changers, edited by career management consultant Sally Haver. Some of these changes occurred in mid-life; others happened after older professionals left their workplace for other adventures. We hope this series will be thought-provoking and – even more – inspirational. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.