PR for People Monthly December 2014 - Page 7

Above: Jenevieve Fisher, reading from her book, "I Am a Kid Living with Cancer."

Seeking a natural cure

For the past 15 years, Jenevieve has been learning about naturopathic therapies and natural healing. By combining these remedies with her knowledge of Western medicine, she wants to expand her message beyond cancer patients and help people with a range of illnesses and disabilities. She began on that road as a way to deal with some of the debilitating side effects of cancer therapies – for herself as well as her oncology patients.

From the natural healing side of the equation, Jenevieve has taken a holistic approach to becoming and staying healthy. She is a big proponent of complementary medicine, taking the best that both standard Western medicine and naturopathic approaches have to offer.

The key to success, she added, is to remember that every person’s treatment needs to be as individual as they are. One more lesson from her own life that she is turning around to help others.