PR for People Monthly December 2014 - Page 38

A Letter from

Sheila Richardson

My name is Sheila Richardson. I’m the Director of Business Development of Xanthus Communications LLC, a Seattle-based P.R. firm. Crisis communications is one of our core practice areas. Our firm is experienced in turning around challenging situations in favor of our clients. We have prepared our clients to be flexible, responsive and to exhibit extraordinary leadership during times of extreme crisis.

Our experience in crisis management includes working with key stakeholders, management teams, employees, the board of directors and the press. We have architected successful outcomes in a wide range of situations including, but not limited to, financial investigations, environmental issues, technology issues, key person resignations, and litigation. We have excellent relationships with many individual attorneys and law firms on a national scale. Xanthus takes pride in its ability to offer sensitive public relations for individuals who require the utmost in care, courtesy, discretion – delicate management of their public reputation.

The feedback we’ve heard from our clients indicates that our strong expertise in strategy, media relations, social media, messaging and writing has often helped to turn our clients’ crisis into a positive P.R. outcome.

Please let me know if we could be considered a resource to provide strategic counsel, either now or in the future. Let me know when you are available to talk by phone. I believe you will find our conversation to be time well spent.


Sheila Richardson

Director of Business Development

Xanthus Communications LLC