PR for People Monthly December 2014 - Page 3

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor – By Patricia Vaccarino – Pg. 5

Jenevieve Fisher: Living Lessons of Healing – By Manny Frishberg – Pg. 6

A Winding Path – By JoAnne Dyer – Pg. 8

Q&A with Svetlana Petculescu – Pg. 10

Words of Wisdom from the ‘Risk Detective’ – By Manny Frishberg – P. 13

Finding My Way – By Vicki VanArsdale – Pg. 14

Emerging Victorious – By Red Katz – Pg. 16

Avoid Compounding Your Losses – By Jeanne Brutman – Pg. 19

Nadezhda Popova: Rising To Her Times – By Manny Frishberg – Pg. 20

A Self-Remade Man – By Manny Frishberg – Pg. 21

Marcella Nardi Heads Home to Rome – By Manny Frishberg – Pg. 22

Ione LeBlanc: No One’s Journey Like Your Own – Pg. 24

Bernard-Henri Lévy: The People’s Pig – By Patricia Vaccarino – Pg. 25

Making Your Own Website Resurrection – By Robbin Block – Pg. 27

The Lowest Point in Life? Impossible. – By Wali Collins – Pg. 28

How Safe Is Your Online Security? – By Kenneth N. Rashbaum – Pg. 29

Whose Ashes Are These, Anyway? – By Dave Bresler – Pg. 30

Where Have All the Old Women Gone? – By Patricia Vaccarino – Pg. 32

Getting Paid by Credit Card – By Nat Wasserstein – Pg. 35

Spotlight on Our Team – Pg. 36

A Letter from Sheila Richardson – By Sheila Richardson – Pg. 38

In This Issue

As we turn the corner to a new year, we explore the theme of “Rising From the Ashes” in this December issue. In these pages, we celebrate those who have been through hardship, found a way to eliminate obstacles and bounced back to success – or helped others reach their potential.

We start with Jenevieve Fisher, a cancer survivor who turned her experience into a book to educate children who are going through the same ordeal. We continue with the winding career paths and personal journeys of Laura Longley, Ione LeBlanc, Vicki VanArsdale, Red Katz, Ron Flavin and many others. There is also advice on how to avoid future pitfalls from Jeanne Brutman, Annie Searle and Kenneth N. Rashbaum, plus a look back at several inspiring historical tales of redemption. We hope you’ll find something inspiring on every page.

--Randy Woods