PR for People Monthly December 2014 - Page 11

PRfP: What has been your most difficult or challenging situation in your career?

SP: The most common issue that I came across as the founder of my business is it has been a lonely experience as a female entrepreneur. We don’t have a lot of fellow female support or mentors. I am not sure what is the cause – either there are not enough of women entrepreneurs or, given that women are trying to balance work and family, they don’t have enough time to mentor. Also, most entrepreneurship organizations are mostly tech-focused and male-dominated. The two mentors I have are both men; I just found them being more approachable and willing to spend time advising to bring my business to the next level.

PRfP: What advice do you give to other entrepreneurs and business owners about how to overcome problems?

SP: 1) Surround yourself with people who have launched successful businesses in your industry or held senior roles in the same industry, and 2) stay optimistic and have a strong support from family and friends who believe in you. The life of the entrepreneur is a roller-coaster – one day you think you reach the top, the next day you’re again at the bottom.