PR for People Monthly August 2017 - Page 9

Traveling two hours south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the speed limit is 80 and it doesn’t feel right unless you’re cruising at 90 mph. Occasionally, traffic slows to let a herd of antelope safely cross the road. Going South on US 191 through rural Wyoming, a makeshift road sign Café gets attention because there isn’t anything else out here. The Café billboard points the way to a long white trailer-style building named Country Burgers.

Inside Country Burgers, people are friendly and everyone talks across tables like they are family. A couple and their young son from Ohio are on the road, touring the national parks in a large RV. Two older gents tell us to take U.S. 14 because it’s the most scenic route through Wyoming, connecting Yellowstone Park in the west and South Dakota in the east.

The menu is nothing fancy. Down home. Real food. Much more than Burgers and Fries, specials change every day. One special is called the Ditch Digger. On Sunday, you can get a full Turkey Dinner for $12. Steak night is on Friday, Wednesday features Carne Asada with tacos, beans & rice, chips and salsa, and fresh fried catfish is on the menu every night. Just in case you’re wondering, I order the fried pickles and onion rings. Sinfully delish! Before long I’m talking to the waiter who turns out to be the owner, Shawn McCoy. He and his partner Jill Watts opened Country Burgers on Nov 1, 2016. Not even a year old, this restaurant was a startup!

From Wyoming

Country Burgers

by Patricia Vaccarino