PR for People Monthly August 2017 - Page 5

In this special issue of the Connector, we are doing more than celebrating entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial mindset. We’re celebrating our 5th Anniversary of our magazine!!

Entrepreneurs come in all stripes and flavors and range from the moguls like Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs to Shawn McCoy and Jill Watts, who own Country Burgers in in Farson, Wyoming, where they serve a steak dinner for $12 every Friday night. People who become entrepreneurs go with their gut instincts and build something out of nothing. There is no limit to the imagination and the many ways we can build a business. Creatives—entertainers, writers, artists and designers are also entrepreneurs and constantly on the lookout for ways to increase revenue and build their brands.

I’ve worked closely with many entrepreneurs for over 25 years and have observed what factors create a success. A successful entrepreneur is someone who is clever, resourceful and who doesn’t quit. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean taking over the world. Sometimes being an entrepreneur just means making a living. Take a risk. What have you got to lose? Be bold! Risk Immortality!

–Patricia Vaccarino


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