PR for People Monthly August 2017 - Page 25

Benjamin Stern

and Nohbo

When he was just shy of being five years old, Benjamin Stern couldn’t buy a stuffed animal because he didn’t have enough money.  He knew he needed to be innovative to make more money.  His early entrepreneurial pursuits included peddling cookies in a shopping mall. He figured when he bought a whole box of cookies at Costco that if he sold them one at a time, he’d make a significant profit. And he did.

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Ken Woolcott

Emerald City School

Ken Woolcott is a multi-faceted and talented entrepreneur whose accomplishments are manifold. Aside from being an attorney and business owner with over 20 years of experience in the biotech and high tech industry, he once held a minority interest in the former Seattle Supersonics, and has been passionate in his pursuit to bring a pro-basketball team back to Seattle. Now he has brought another new venture to life and this time it’s in education. He’s leveraging his assets and his business acumen to build the downtown Seattle-based  Emerald City School.

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