PR for People Monthly August 2017 - Page 16

Ron Flavin knows more than a thing or do about building a business and startups. He has a talent for identifying potential revenue streams in any organization and implementing a plan to develop these new sources of revenue. Because he has worked in so many sectors, this depth of experience has given him the ability to precisely identify the best opportunities for growth in any organization. Ronald Flavin’s occupation as an organizational strategist encompasses his expertise in business growth, business grants, grant writing, ghost writing, product/revenue development, and also as an author, and a professional speaker. Ronald Flavin provides a valuable service that is essential to the growth of any organization.

PR4P: What types of businesses and organizations do you work with?

RF: In terms of businesses, ideally I work with businesses that are beyond the concept phase: Startups, Early Stage Firms and Later Early Stage Firms. They have to be businesses where I really see growth potential. I also work with any type of organization: cities, states, federal agencies, law enforcement and public safety. I don’t work with a lot of non-profits, or rather, I do work with non-profits that have a budget of over a million.

PR4P: What are the three most significant factors for achieving business success?

RF: Number one is the ability to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Along with that comes the ability to listen to the advice for others and to delegate what you don’t do well. Perseverance is critical. So is Discipline.

Ron Flavin

On Business Growth