PPROA Pipeline - Page 7

7 Wrap-up cont’d from p. 6 HB 3288. The electricity congestion rights bill. Look for an interim study. Bad Bills that ed Bills that were successfully defeated. HB 2003 & 4023. These bills would have changed 100 years of accommodation law on surface v. subsurface. Expect an interim study on this issue. HB 2582. Transfer endangered species from the comptroller to the commissioner of agriculture. HB 3068. Bad Division Order bill. Please let your division order analysts know that it did not pass. Bad Disposal Well Bills. We had eight bad disposal well bills. Some would have put a per barrel fee on produced water injected. All were defeated. Veto Period. Governor Abbott has signed a number of the bills noted above and in the track. Abbott has until Father’s Day, June 21, to veto a bill. 1 On an individual basis, please note that the property tax homestead exemption was raised from $15,000 to $25,000. 2 HB 2521 has a September 1, 2017 effective date so there will be a delay in getting the funds to the counties.