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2 Our staff at PPROA will be getting back to a more normal routine as the Texas Legislative season is over except for a few bills that have extensions. I believe our industry came out fairly well in state issues. However, we are anticipating an ongoing battle over the Environmental Protection Agency’s ruling regarding the “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS). The EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently released the final rulemaking to revise the definition of WOTUS. The 297-page rulemaking would require a federal permit for any activity that results in a discharge into any body of water covered by the new definition of WOTUS, including small streams and wetlands. The Independent Petroleum Association of America disagrees with the need for the rule and has spoken out against expanded federal jurisdiction for years. From farming to golf course management and home building to energy PPROA President Greg Graham development, this new federal mandate will require landowners to obtain additional government permits and fulfill bureaucratic regulatory requirements. Increased federal jurisdiction over nearly all waters in the United States will create substantial permitting and compliance burdens for few environmental benefits. The impacts of this rule go far beyond American energy development as the rule hurts all American landowners. There are serious concerns about retroactive applications of the rulemaking and added costs on business operations. This regulatory regime will result in far more significant economic impacts and unintended consequences than the Obama Administration is leading the American people to believe. Please make plans to attend PPROA’s Summer Event on June 13th at the Piehl Ranch in Bushland! Our goals are to bring our members and vendors together for a fun and informal outing and to give our spouses, friends and lady co- ݽɭ