Potter & Moore Brand Catalogue 2018 Creightons Brand Catalogue 2018 - Page 69

FE7508 ALL-PURPOSE SLEEP BALM FE7500 BATH ESSENCE FE7503 SLEEP BUTTER FE7509 SOOTHING BODY OIL Lavender and Chamomile essential oils will fill your bathroom with beautiful tranquillity to help prepare you for sleep. Wrap yourself in a blanket of relaxing essential oils blended into a rich Butter and allow it to melt into your skin overnight. Size: 500ml Size: 300ml Soothe your skin, seal in moisture and calm your senses with a luxurious blend of essential oils to prepare your body for a restful night’s sleep. A blend of nourishing Vitamin E and relaxing essential oils create a calming fragrance on your pulse points, helping to ease your mind and encourage a restful night’s sleep. Size: 150ml Size: 16g UOM: 6 UOM: 6 UOM: 6 UOM: 6 Creightons Brand Catalogue