Potter & Moore Brand Catalogue 2018 Creightons Brand Catalogue 2018 - Page 61

CN6538 MANGO & PAPAYA BODY LOTION A fabulous fruit medley with Mango & Papaya extract to moisturise and soften skin. SIZE: 400ML UOM: 6 CN6674 STRAWBERRY BODY LOTION This luxuriously creamy Strawberry Body Lotion will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and beautifully fragranced. SIZE: 400ML UOM: 6 CN6675 SHEA & GINGER BODY LOTION Take some time out of your busy day and treat your skin to this super creamy Shea & Ginger body lotion. SIZE: 400ML UOM: 6 CN6536 VANILLA & MACADAMIA BODY LOTION A creamy body lotion enriched with Vanilla & Macadamia to nourish skin leaving it soft and smooth. SIZE: 400ML UOM: 6 Potter + Moore Creightons Brand Brand Catalogue Catalogue