Potter & Moore Brand Catalogue 2018 Creightons Brand Catalogue 2018 - Page 53

CN6680 RASPBERRY & POMEGRANATE BATH & SHOWER Wakey-wakey, revive and shine with this fruity juicy bath & shower cream that will give your skin that burst of energy. SIZE: 500ML UOM: 6 CN6706 SHEA & GINGER BATH & SHOWER Wash away your busy day with nourishing extracts of shea & ginger. SIZE: 500ML UOM: 6 CN6676 VANILLA & MACADAMIA BATH & SHOWER Immerse yourself with this cream to create a relaxing experience leaving skin moisturised and nourished. SIZE: 500ML UOM: 6 CN6678 MANGO & PAPAYA BATH & SHOWER Yin your yang with this exotic fruit medley to smooth and soothe your skin and balance it for the day. SIZE: 500ML UOM: 6 CN5708 SIMPLY STRAWBERRY BATH & SHOWER CN6709 SHEA & GINGER BATH & SHOWER SIZE: 100ML SIZE: 100ML CN6707 RASPBERRY & POMEGRANATE BATH & SHOWER SIZE: 100ML UOM: 12 UOM: 12 UOM: 12 CN5567 VANILLA & MACADAMIA BATH & SHOWER CN5568 MANGO & PAPAYA BATH & SHOWER SIZE: 100ML SIZE: 100ML UOM: 12 Creightons Brand Catalogue UOM: €ÄČ