Potential Magazine College Organizer 2019 - Page 8

career planning college prep checklist Sponsored by: GET READY TO GO Choosing the right college (and finding a way to pay for it!) requires putting on your thinking cap years before graduation. This grade-by-grade checklist will help you start the search, stay on track, and finish out senior year with flying colors. 8TH GRADE 11TH GRADE  List five careers that interest you. You’re in the home stretch for important GPA-building grades!  Job shadow professionals in those careers.  Sharpen your study skills – this is the last year before the GPA clock starts ticking.  Take practice ACT/SAT tests.  Take more test-prep courses.  Plan your high school coursework.  Read, read, and read some more to become a fast reader.  Take the PSAT and qualify to be a National Merit Scholar.  Take the ACT/SAT again.  Start visiting colleges you’re interested in. 9TH GRADE  Consider dual enrollment classes for senior year. It’s on! Your next three years of grades will affect your college admissions and eligibility for scholarships.  Keep a planner, and write down all of your assignments.  Learn to get organized and STAY organized!  Start a resume if you haven’t already.  Find a cause you care about, and volunteer your time.  Put that volunteering on your resume.  Increase your vocabulary by reading.  Get your guidance counselor to review your resume and college application essays.  Research scholarships and make a “wishlist”.  Apply to Potential’s “Don’t Wait to Reach Your Potential” scholarship.  Take (and ace!) AP exams.  Give or accept a “prom-posal,” and enjoy prom! 12TH GRADE  Get involved in clubs, sports, and music.  Go to college fairs.  Take the ACT/SAT at least one more time.  Get your learner’s permit!  Take college tours and get to know admissions  Go to camp in the summer. counselors.  Apply to colleges- turn your apps in early! 10TH GRADE  Job shadow and work in areas of your career interest.  Take the PSAT in October— this is your trial run.  Take leadership roles in clubs and other school activities.  Identify colleges you’re interested in attending.  Register for classes for 11th grade that boost your GPA.  Take the ASVAB for career exploration.  Take those harder classes that prepare your for college.  Smile for your senior portraits.  Ask teachers and coaches for recommendation letters.  Complete your FAFSA application in early October.  Pick a college! (and a roommate, and a dorm room, etc…)  Go after those scholarships.  Take Driver’s Ed.  Walk across the stage and accept your diploma.  Celebrate your Sweet 16!  Get your driver’s license.  Take AP classes, and study for the exams.  Hug your parents at commencement and thank them!  Start earning and saving money for college.  Take an ACT/SAT - prep course.  Take the ACT or SAT. 8 | College Organizer 2019 www.potentialmagazine.com