Potential Magazine August 2014 - Page 8

what i know now LaToya Michelle Brown age: 29 hometown: Prattville, Alabama education: Graduated from Prattville High School. Attended Auburn University and graduated from Troy University Montgomery with a B.A. in English. occupation: Since she was a child, LaToya has had the desire to watch over others. She has been shepherding young women as a mentor, and even wrote a book aimed at guiding them safely through the pressures and stressors of dating. But she’s also got a strong fashion sense, which she honed during an internship with the famous Stella McCartney in London, and it comes in handy in her primary job, owing and running an online boutique. She shared the wisdom she’s gleaned in both roles. “My primary job is Dorothy Alexa, an online boutique that sells trendy jewelry, accessories, (and in the future will sell clothing) for young women. But my secondary gig, and one that I’m just as passionate about, is mentoring young women between the ages of 10-22. I wrote a book, “The 411 on Waiting and Dating,” to remind this group how precious they are and why they should get to know and love themselves before getting into a relationship or having intimate relations with others because they and their bodies are too precious for that. They are precious gems.” latoya michelle brown parental guidance: My mom has always told me to dream big and supported me every step of the way. One of the most influential things that she did was allowing me to travel to London, England, when I was 19, by myself. Since then, I have traveled to or lived in 16 other countries, and much of the credit goes to my mom for encouraging me to do so, instilling great faith in me and reminding me to trust in God. polishing gems can’t live without ) v out of the office ) v enjoy life’s simple pleasures 8 I love to travel and to try new things. Whenever I can get a ݅䁽ȁ