Potential Magazine August 2014 - Page 34

teen spotlight photography by Lauren Childs stats 14, Booker T. Washington Magnet High School notable Danced for 3 years, Promoted to pointe work, Alabama Dance Theatre for classical ballet, Animal rescuer, Babysitter her motto “I don’t say I can’t. I say I will.” how it began After moving to Alabama, it didn’t take long for Kathryn Lindsey to dance into her passion for the arts. Shortly after enrolling in Baldwin Magnet, she began taking ballet and has since taken on modern dance and jazz and taken classes at the Alabama Dance Theatre for classical ballet. She has even been promoted to pointe work in ballet and is auditioning for the company at the Alabama Dance Theatre. Kathryn is dedicated to her craft, dancing nine times a week during the school year and four times a week during the summer. For fun, she’s also choreographed a few dance numbers for various school performances. Dance isn’t her only love. About five years ago, her and her mom rescued two cats from the pound, and three years later adopted two additional dogs. She also babysits triplets throughout the summer. what’s next After high school, Kathryn would love to try out for Julliard and pursue a career as a professional dancer, but, “I think it’s important to have a backup plan and a career so I can take care of my family,” she said. For that reason, and combined with her love for animals and math, she’d like to become a veterinarian. kathryn lindsey PG (parental guidance) rating Kathryn counts her family as her biggest supporters, noting that her mom has “always been supportive of my goals and aspirations.” Some helpful advice that has stuck with her over time was the encouragement to have faith in yourself and your purpose. Montgomery, AL parents’ perspective Kathryn continues to impress her mom Shawna Lindsey with her drive and ability to manage responsibilities. “She amazes me every day. During the school year she dances a minimum of nine times a week, while also excelling in her studies and staying active in her youth group,” she said. Shawna is a single mother who has done her best to demonstrate to her daughter that “the seemingly impossible is completely possible with desire, dedication and determination.” parent-to-parent “While it is important to allow your child to become their own person, never stop providing boundaries and guidance,” said Shawna. “Some would say I run a tight ship. We have rules, responsibilities and consequences for poor decision-making. We don’t do things halfway. Something worth doing is worth doing right.” 34 www.potentialmagazine.com