Potential Magazine August 2014 - Page 33

teen spotlight photography by Lauren Childs stats 14, Freshman at Clay-Chalkville High School notable Played football for six years Track and field how it began When Lawson was a baby, he was involved in a serious car accident that launched him out of his car seat and left him with a serious brain injury and lengthy recovery. “He’s been through a lot with the doctors, x-rays and physical therapy,” said his mom Latorra, who admits that the accident took a toll on her and caused her to be a bit overprotective. But Lawson didn’t let the injury or the significant challenges it brought with it slow him down for too long. Since the accident, Lawson has continued to make tremendous progress. “I just thank God his injury is not severe anymore,” said Latorra. His doctors have cleared him to play and perform like a normal child, and Lawson has done just that. In the 3rd grade, he decided to try playing a game he’s spent countless hours watching on TV: football. To this day he still enjoys the game and is looking forward to playing football in high school and then in college. When asked who he looks up to the most, Lawson stated that he likes Mark Ingram (a running back in the NFL) because they share the same position. He also said his motto is “Go hard or go home,” a quote that helps him give his best in his endeavors. what’s next Like many football players, Lawson hopes to take his talent to the LSU field in Baton Rouge while pursuing a degree in biology “because I’m good at science.” lawson hinkle PG (parental guidance) rating Birmingham, AL “My mom is more of a cheerleader because she tells me what I need to hear; and my dad is more of the coach because he pushes me to go harder and mentors me,” said Lawson. parents’ perspective Parents, Lawson and Latorra, admire their son’s progression and work ethic. “He’s come a long way in school. He’s good in academics and good in football,” Latorra said, “He never gave up on his dreams.” parent-to-parent Lawson’s mother Latorra Hinkle was raised primarily by her widowed mother, who inspired her to work hard and pursue her interests. “She taught me to go out and get it, never give up, stay strong, and don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t do anything,” says Latorra. Her mother’s words of wisdom combined with her son’s head injury inspired her to go back to school and enter the medical field. Her advice to other parents is to: “Be patient. Listen to your children. Don’t let your job interfere with raising them. Take your time and just love them.” www.potentialmagazine.com 33