Potential Magazine August 2014 - Page 22

happy+healthy senioritis how serious is SENIORITIS? by Jasmine York During my senior year, I was super excited to go to senior dinners and participate in skip day, senior pranks, prom, college tours-you name it! Once the college acceptance letters started rolling in, my motivation drastically decreased. I was “over” high school and like many seniors, was suffering from senioritis. Understanding “taking it easy” vs. “slacking off.” “Senioritis” is the tendency for high school seniors to let their excitement about graduation overshadow their commitment to their classes. It’s pretty common and usually pretty benign. But students with a bad case can suffer some serious side effects. Here’s what to watch out for and a few ways to “tame” it. Learning to “tame” senioritis will not only equip teens to juggle multiple responsibilities, but it’ll also keep them in good standing with colleges and prepare them for real-world challenges to come. Students who have senioritis typically turn in subpar classwork. They’re convinced they can “afford” to slack off, since they’re so close to the finish line. But some colleges are saying otherwise and are now penalizing seniors whose academic performance may have been affected by senioritis in these (and other) ways: Parents have the responsibility of helping their teen put things into perspective and not blow all their years of hard work. Helping teens set boundaries will give them permission to enjoy their last year in high school without slacking off. “I would just encourage them to finish strong. A lot of girls don’t realize that if their GPA drops, in some cases, they can’t rush for sororities.” - Samantha Pieper, counselor at Saint James School Removal from honors program. Students who’ve been accepted into a college’s honors program must maintain their academic performance or be removed. Loss of scholarship dollars. Merit-based scholarships place a heavy emphasis on GPA. If a stude