Potential Magazine August 2014 - Page 21

Who’s Who for Success in Sports For student athletes hoping to play on the collegiate level and beyond, it’s important to understand the impact of and importance of the various relationships athletes have with other university personnel. Tim Lutz is the Sports Information Director for Auburn University Montgomery and has been the assistant sports information director at Troy University, the University of South Alabama and the University of Louisiana Monroe. Here’s his list of the top-10 most impactful people within a university for a student-athlete. 1. Coaching Staff: The relationship between a coach and a student-athlete is unique, because they count on each other to experience success. 2. Teammates: There is no tighter bond within an athletic department than that of a team. 3. Athletic Trainer: Members of the training staff spend time, prior to, during and after practices and competitions with student-athletes to ensure they are able to perform at a strong level. GROWING FIELD Tony Bridges is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Sports Performance Coach who works at Rehab Associates. He has worked with high school teams and college athletes and shares this with Potential: “With advances in the science of human performance, nearly all coaches have come to recognize the advantages of conditioning in high-level competition. Strength and conditioning among college and professional athletes is an expectation that creates faster, higher performing athletes who are less prone to injuries. The salaries for this career has escalated significantly over the last 10 years. Unlike personal trainers, this field requires a bachelor’s and usually a master’s degree (with heavy emphasis on kinesiology), experience and certification.” 4. Professors: Campus professors evaluate academic progress and have a relationship with the student outside their arena of competition. 5. Compliance Coordinator: They serve as a checks and balance system for the student-athlete from an academic and competitive standpoint. 6. Athletic Director: As the figurehead of the department, the athletic director aspires to have all student-athletes and programs performing at an elite level. 7. Tutors/Advisors: Tutors are available to all students on campus, but are especially helpful to student-athletes who might miss class time to do athletic competitions. 8. Fellow Student-Athletes: Even though they are competing on different fields of competition, fellow studentathletes endure the same struggles regardless of sport. 9. Sports Information Director: Outside of their family, a student-athlete likely has no bigger fan than the Sports Information staff. 10. University and Athletics Administration: The University administration and staff within the athletic department set the standard for the culture around campus. AUM Sports Information Director, Tim Lutz www.potentialmagazine.com 21