Potential Magazine August 2014 - Page 18

pay the way 10 tips for finding scholarships 6 CHECK WITH LOCAL FOUNDATIONS. TIPS FROM A MILLION DOLLAR SCHOLAR Through the Military: Kenneth Levens, a recent graduate of Prattville High, was also able to rake in over $930,000 in scholarships. How did he do it? “I started applying for scholarships the second semester of my junior year,” he said. Kenneth knew he wanted to go into the Navy after graduation, so he began looking at scholarships offered at various military academies. He was offered $400,000 from the U.S. Naval Academy, $350,000 from West Point, plus an $180,000 ROTC scholarship, even though he did not take ROTC in high school. He was evaluated through academics, a medical screening and a fitness test. “I made a 26 on the ACT, but I ranked 2nd in my class so that helped,” said Kenneth. Kenneth is spending his summer training and plans to attend the U.S Naval Academy. He says he’s just an average guy, and he hopes “people will look at a story like mine and be inspired.” 7 It never hurts to ask. See if charitable foundations or groups in your area offer scholarships. Many foundations do, and since they are typically only awarded locally there is less competition. SEARCH THE WEB! An internet search for scholarships will yield many diverse options. There are several scholarship-specific search engines that make finding them that much quicker. While you’ll find more scholarships this way, there’s also a lot of competition for most of them. 8 BE SPECIFIC! When searching the web, it is important to look for scholarships that apply directly to you. Typing “scholarship” into google will give you many options, but you’ll probably only be eligible for some of them. Try searching for scholarships based on your field of study, your area, your state, your gender, etc. 9 DON’T FORGET NON-ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS. If your grades aren’t perfect, there’s no need to worry. Scholarships aren’t just for students with a high GPA. Non-academic scholarships are available to a wide variety of people. They can be based on community service, leadership, extra-curricular activities and many other things. 10 DON’T GIVE UP. Finding scholarships can be a long, time- consuming process, but it is worth it. To win a lot of scholarships, you have to apply for a lot of scholarships. Many scholarships even require the same material, so saving materials from each application can be a huge time-saver. DID YOU KNOW? There’s a scholarship for every student – not just the jock athlete or valedictorian. For instance, in Alabama, the CollegeCounts program awards scholarships to individuals with an ACT that is 26 or below or, go to the prom wearing a duct tape dress or accessories and you can qualfiy for a scholarship. THE SECRET – apply, apply, apply. HERE ARE SOME GREAT RESOURCES FOR FINDING SCHOLARSHIPS: • AIDSCHOLAR.COM 18 • SCHOLARSHIPHUNTER.COM • SCHOLARSHIPS.COM www.potentialmagazine.com • CAPPEX.COM