Potential Magazine August 2014 - Page 16

pay the way 10 tips for finding scholarships TIPS FOR FINDING SCHOLARSHIPS Hoping for tuition assistance? We’ve done some of the legwork for you. Try these tips for finding and securing scholarships. by Rebecca Chavers 1 START BEFORE SENIOR YEAR. Getting an early start on the scholarship search not only increases the number of options you have, it better prepares you for actually applying for scholarships. Many scholarships are specifically for high school seniors, however there are some that are available for younger students. Scholarships often have a minimum GPA requirement, so getting an early start gives students an opportunity to work toward a higher GPA if necessary. 2 GET SOME ADVICE! Talking to your high 3 school guidance counselor can be a quick way to get informed about what scholarships are available to you. And local businesses usually tell local high schools first about any scholarships they may be offering. CHECK COLLEGE WEBSITES. Most colleges have a page on their website listing scholarship opportunities. Since most of these are college specific, make sure it’s somewhere you’ve applied to and are considering attending. However, some colleges also list outside scholarships that are typically offered by a local business. 4 VISIT THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE. If you already know which college you’re attending, go to the financial aid office to look for scholarships. Sometimes the financial aid office has applications for local scholarships or scholarships sponsored by the school. 5 ASK ORGANIZATIONS AND BUSINESSES. Businesses and organizations related to your field of study are a great place to start. They often offer scholarships to students who’ll be majoring in a field that could be useful to them in the future. 16 $$ TIPS FROM A MILLION DOLLAR SCHOLAR With a high PSAT score, Audriana Osborne, a recent graduate of Loveless Academic Magnetic Program High School (LAMP) in Montgomery, earned $933,404 in college scholarships this year. In the 10th grade, she scored high on the PSAT and was named a