Portfolio Naples October 2017 - Page 39

1) 4 GNL also conducted an ad hoc work group on housing affordability, with input from several GNL mem- bers who serve on subcommittees for the County’s Affordable Housing Ad- visory Committee. The work group formed two groups to develop pro- grams that can be used to inform and engage the community. “While GNL as an organization will not make rec- ommendations to the County, we are committed to helping keep citizens and other GNL’ers up to date on what’s happening on this important issue,” Hartman said. ey also stay connected as a “family,” through networking, enjoying social events, and participating in ongoing alumni education programs with speak- ers on current topics such as Alzheimer’s. e alumni also participate 2 3 5 in “Done in a Day” hands-on projects as a way to make a significant difference in a short period of time. ese projects range from packing food for a local food bank, helping build homes, or complet- ing landscape work at the Naples Botan- ical Garden. “GNL graduates stay engaged, with 70% continuing as active alumni. Most importantly, our active alums contribute 5 to 40+ hours a month volunteering in Collier County––far exceeding the na- tional average,” Feder noted. He added: “Our vision is extraordi- nary leadership to help fulfill the non- profit and civic needs of Collier County. And our motto says it all: Learn. Con- nect. Make a Difference.” To find out more about Greater Naples Leadership, visit www.gnlweb- site.org. 1) GNL Done in a Day at Naples Botanical Garden – Pruning shrubs along paths Neal Gelfand, Class XX 2) GNl Past Presidents pose for a photo with Turtles on the Town turtle “Spot” and her artist, Valerie Ghoussaini. GNL took part in TOTT buy donating to the event that sup- ports the environment, arts and charitable giving in Collier County. Leopard inspired “Spot” now resides at Naples Zoo as a gift from GNL. Sheila Harris-Schutz, Class XIII, Jeanne Bolds, Class VIII, Turtle Artist, Valerie Ghoussaini, Jackie Pierce, Class XVII 3) GNL Done in a Day at Naples Botanical Garden – Pruning shrubs along paths Leon Kaplan, Class XVIII, John Lehmann, Class XXI 4) GNL Annual Reunion Event at Naples Zoo Alex Anderson, Class XIV , Sheila Clark, Class X, Eileen Leff, Class X 5) GNL Annual Reunion Event at Naples Zoo Carl Kuehner, Class III, Anne Hale, Class IX PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 37