Portfolio Naples October 2017 - Page 21

PHOTOGRAPHY / EDITORIAL / ART / DESIGN featuring EMILIO “SONNY” VERGARA www.skyshadowphotography.blogspot.com Emilio “Sonny” Vergara spent over 30 years involved in managing and protecting Florida’s natural resources. He says his photography is not so much about the art of the image as it is his increasing sense of urgency to capture the unique essence and beauty of Florida’s natural environment before it is forever lost. Florida is now the 3rd most populated state in the country and the 4th fastest growing. His greatest fear is that along with over 20 million permanent residents and 100 million visitors coming and going every year the capacity to forever change what makes Florida the incredibly beautiful state it is, is dangerously close at hand. Each of his images is an attempt to record and convey just how beautiful and fragile natural Florida is. “Every day there is permanent degradation and loss of wetlands, clean water and wildlife habitat. It’s vital that every resident and every visitor understand this. It is simply crucial for them to care, too, or their children and theirs will forever lose the opportunity to experience Florida as their parents and grandparents do today. I be- lieve it would be a transformative loss for this great country and people.” PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 19