Portfolio Naples November 2017 - Page 78

BAC K [ GALLERY carolinas I georgia I tennessee I virginia I kentucky featuring ] Tommy White I www.tommywhitephotography.com Tommy White is a Visual Artist and Landscape Photographer in the Southern Appalachians. Liv- ing in the quaint mountain town of Boone, Tommy is immersed in the heart of old mountain culture and the incredible beauty of the High Country. With a great passion for nature and the Out- doors, Tommy enjoys exploring the remote reaches of the Western NC wilderness. His connection with the natural world is best seen captured in his dramatic and dynamic imagery. As a young man, Tommy learned photography in the days of film. Capture, at that time meant something, as the instant review did not exist. Techniques in the darkroom were the only means of refining your image, so emphasis was placed on the initial capture. It was during these early days of trial and error that Tommy learned the value light and how the right light could work in sync with other elements to create drama and mood. Tommy’s life long passion is evident in his work and his style is unmistakeable. His talent for cap- turing rare moments of fleeting light and synergy between elements have become a trademark in his imagery. As a Photography instructor, Tommy enjoys shar- ing his years of experience and his artistic approach with aspiring photographers. Tommy is especially fond of helping photographers identify and nurture their artistic vision and more importantly, how to bring it to life. An aspect of photography that is frequently overlooked in the common quest for speedy improvement and tomorrows post. 76 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE