Portfolio Naples March 2017 - Page 87

I the EARTH WORLD CALL OF AFRICA’S NATIVE VISIONS GALLERIES CELEBRATE’S IT’S 30 TH ANNIVERSARY A fixture in South Florida for years, Art Dealer Ross Parker Heads Into His Fourth Decade With One Of The Leading Wildlife And Nature Themed Art Galleries In The World By: By Todd Wilkinson at ross Parker’s call of africa’s native Visions gal- leries —a fixture for collectors of wildlife art—you’ll find a massive piece of leadwood 1200 years old. once upon a time when the trunk of this great tree was still growing wild on the veld of southern Zimbabwe, and long before the arrival of Europeans, elephants, white and black rhi- nos, cape Buffalo and wildebeest, zebra, impala, kudu, a dozen other species of african antelope, and, of course, lions, cheetah and leopard roamed free in abundance. Opposite page: Mopho Gonde Call of the Matriarch, Sculpture, 5’x8’ PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 85