Portfolio Naples March 2017 - Page 76

a stencil and use acrylic spray paint, or add carbon fibre patterning. i’m con- stantly experimenting. “i’ve started painting directly on automobile hoods. it’s a similar process to painting on canvas, though the final layers are automotive clear coat. For the annual naples Winter Wine Fes- tival, i did an audi r8 hood and a Mclaren hood to go along with the cars on display. So far, clients have hung my painted hoods on their walls, though a few have talked about putting one of my hoods back on their car. nobody has done that yet! “i’ve done one art car, similar to the art cars that BMW has commissioned from various modern artists over the years. i also did a competition rally car 74 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE for someone in Boston. unfortunately, it met its demise against a tree during the Mount Washington hillclimb! Valuable Painting destroyed in car accident!” karen Barrow is just the latest artist to utilize photography in her work, a tradition that goes back almost to the first daguerreotype in 1839. her blend of realism and abstract Expres- sionism has been compared to the Pop art of robert rauschenberg and the Photorealism of gerhard richter. But karen’s car-centric paint- ings have a far greater depth of meaning, created by the history, passion and memories that travel along with the automo- bile. her paintings are part of a long tradition, but also completely new and different, helping us see the world from a van- tage point outside our- selves. at’s the very definition of Fine art with a capital a. karen Barrow is repre- sented by hW gallery, 1305 ird Street South, naples, Fl 34102 (239-263-6640, www.hwgallery.com, hwgallery@earth- link.net).