Portfolio Naples March 2017 - Page 26

culating at what degree the sun will rise or set and then just waits on Mother Nature to do her thing and bring him an incredible sky.”  When most wives would wonder where their husbands were off to at 3 AM; she knows that there is a moon or lightning shot waiting to be captured and says, “.…just don’t wake me up”.   Laughing, she says that she can’t count the number of times she has seen Jeff come home covered in mud, pockets full of sand, and soaking wet and a new crit- ter in tow to photograph.  “He has brought home snakes, spiders, frogs and all kinds of bugs.   at is why I call him the “Critter Whisperer”!  And I guarantee that every one of his pictures has an adventurous story be- hind it.” Angelique manages Waldorff Photography while Jeff continues his engineering work in addition to his photography excursions. It is the wondrous beauty of the Northwest Florida Coastline that has kept Jeff and his family local residents. 24 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE