Portfolio Naples March 2017 - Page 23

When speaking about his photography, he states that, “Nature is an art all in itself. I enjoy capturing the simplicity, beauty, ele- gance, and perfection of nature. It enables people to see the things that they may not oth- erwise have the opportunity to see or would have merely walked by without notice. I’m happy when something about an image cre- ates a unique connection with the viewer.” Jeff says that it is the challenge of capturing a great photo which keeps him motivated “… .it is what drives me out into the cold before the sun rises with the hope of capturing a scene during light’s golden hour or to oblivi- ously consume an hour while gradually stalk- ing an animal, earning its trust, so that it may be approached close enough to clearly photograph its natural behavior.”  Ask Jeff what he thinks makes a great photo and he answers, "A GREAT photo captures a mo- ment that transcends the sum of its technical elements.  It can convey a moment in time in such a way that puts the viewer in the pres- ence of that moment much like a good book can take you to places you’ve never seen be- fore.  Or, it may be that one photo out of thousands that captures a moment of height- ened tension between hunter and prey. It has to make a connection with the viewer.” PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 21