Portfolio Naples June/July 2017 - Page 69

border guards of both countries. From El Calafate, a small town in Argentina, to Torre del Paine, the National Park in Chile, it’s about a four hour bus ride; a ride not for the inexperienced or one with a small rental car. ere are few gas stations and stops along the way, and once you arrive at the park the paved road gives way to a rumbling, numbing ride. Nevertheless, one of the two hotels in the park offers a fabulous panoramic view of the mountains for which it is fa- mous, Torre del Paine, Cuernos (for its two bull horns) and Torre Massif. For a photographer a subject that doesn’t move is much easier to shoot than one that moves, and at first glance, it would seem that these mountains should be easy to photograph. However, the weather and lighting change so quickly that the landscape seems to be alive. Driving down from the peaks, the almost constant wind crashes through the many ravines and valleys, shakes the tripod and threatens to bowl over the photographer onto the sharp volcanic rock. Yet, the beauty of the sunrise as its Alpin Glow reflects off the lenticular clouds hovering tens of thousands of feet above the mountains creates magical, otherworldly sights. Patagonia is a world far away, and one well worth visiting. Art David can be contacted at art- david@earthlink.net PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 67