Portfolio Naples June/July 2017 - Page 65

below Mt. Fitzroy, is a small road stop where Butch Cassidy ‘holed up’ shortly be- fore his untimely death. Now hotels and restaurants in the few small towns that dot the area are well adept at catering to the international clientele who trek, climb and camp in the national parks of both coun- tries, and there is no shortage of fine Ar- gentinian Malbec or Chilean Cabernet. Most notable, as a striking contrast to the almost empty landscape scattered with low lying bushes with names like the “Mother in Law” plant and the Calafate bush, all ready to scratch and scrape the unsuspecting hiker’s legs, are the magnifi- cent peaks of the Andes Mountains and the hundreds of square miles of brightly colored turquoise glacial lakes and rivers that run through Patagonia until they flow out to the Atlantic Ocean. When Darwin traveled into Patagonia, he was accompa- nied by the captain of the H.M.S. Beagle, Robert Fitzroy, for whom one of the most iconic mountain peaks in the area was named. In addition to their natural beauty, Mt. Fitzroy and one of its neighboring peaks, Cerro Torre in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, are considered some of the most challenging of climbs in the world. One could cross the actual ‘interna- tional’ border between Argentina and Chile without knowing it if it weren’t for the two small buildings that house the PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 63