Portfolio Naples June/July 2017 - Page 64

When most people hear the word “Patagonia,” they usually think of the clothing company that specializes in out- door clothing associated with camping and trekking. In fact, the name of the company comes from the general geo- graphical area in South America that cov- ers thousand of square miles in both Argentina and Chile on the eastern side of 62 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE the Andes Mountains. What makes this area so exotic in addition to its location, literally at the “end of the earth,” is that it is home to some of the most majestic mountain peaks and glaciers in the world. Patagonia is a massive area of semi desert rolling hills and ‘badlands’ much like those in Arizona and Nevada. It gets its name from the original European ex- plorer Magellan, who for some reason, thought that the land was inhabited by gi- ants, whom he named “Patagons.” at name as well as the myth of a land of gi- ants was perpetuated throughout the years, and it stuck. Later on, Darwin trav- eled in the area and studied animals and plant life there. In addition, in this region, a few hours south of El Chalten, the village