Portfolio Naples June/July 2017 - Page 63

ART DAVID PHOTOGRAPHS PATAGONIA THE LAND INHABITED BY GIANTS In June 2016 Art David, an amateur photographer and resident of Naples, Fl, won the top award in “Camera USA” a National Photographic Contest, sponsored by the Naples Art Association, with a photo of a ‘street person’ reacting to an image of a ‘come hither’ looking model. In addition to being on display in the Von Liebig Art Center, the photo garnered Art a $5,000 cash award. At first, he thought he’d get another lens, but that quickly gave way to thoughts of traveling to somewhere ‘exotic’ where he could challenge his photographic skills and capture some exciting photographic images. On line he found many photo tours in places like China, Africa and Iceland; each offering opportunities to photograph magnificent landscapes and gorgeous panoramas. Finally, as a result of seeing photos and reading articles by one of the prin- cipals of a photography workshop company, he selected a workshop that would take place in Patagonia. PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 61