Portfolio Naples June/July 2017 - Page 33

Birthday Bouquet (Flowers with Snake), 1932 , Oil on canvas, 30 x 26⅛ in. (76.2 x 66.4 cm) The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri, Gift of Mrs. R. Kirk Askew Jr. in memory of R. Kirk Askew Jr. nic at Bedford Hills (1918). e figures are painted in a miniaturized, self-consciously naïve manner that draws from folk art and Art Deco fashion illustration. Stet- theimer’s family and friends, and herself, are the subjects of the painting: her sister Carrie and good friend Duchamp set out a picnic, and sculptor Elie Nadelman is sprawled out near her sister Ettie. Stettheimer’s satirical wit shines in Asbury Park South (1920). e painting features brilliant yellow tones and the lively movement of the black and white beachgoers intermingling on the New Jersey beach, when, in reality, Asbury Park was a segregated beach. Again, Stettheimer depicts members of her inner circle, including Duchamp and writer Carl Van Vechten. Stettheimer in- cludes herself in the festivities, just right of center, under a green parasol. In 1933, Stettheimer created Family Portrait II. is iconic painting gathers many of the themes that preoc- cupied her throughout her career—her family, New York, and the theater. It also features some of her most distinctive artistic techniques: the use of strong colors, the mixture of a realistic setting with dramatic, even sur- PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 31