Portfolio Naples June/July 2017 - Page 116

CREATING NEW PIECES IS ONLY PART OF THE MISSION Jannie Bean's love of jewelry began at a young age. She has a vivid memory of wandering through her neighborhood sale at the age of 5, and the enchantment she felt when a pair of rhinestone earrings caught her eye. Purchasing these with the 50 cents she had earned, she gifted this found treasure to her mother. ese same earrings still sit in her mother's jewelry box, but are now surrounded by fine pieces Jannie has created over the years. Jannie Bean Jannie's father instilled in her to, “Always do your best with whatever you do, and do what you enjoy!” This opened up a world of possibilities, and from childhood she found her passion in the creative arts. As an adult, she at- tended school as an art and design major in college, and at the age of 19 she began her love affair with design. She began to craft her own jewelry for a store in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fast forward a few years, she purchased and expanded this same store to create and ensure her vision. For Jannie, creating new pieces is only part of her mission. She always puts the customers needs at the forefront, and lis- tens to their desires to ensure customer satisfaction. Alongside that, she also offers the service of repair and re-design. Jannie enjoys "...creating jewelry that is unique and personal as well as re-inventing, and giving family heirlooms new life. I work 114 PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE